5 Spring Craft Tutorials for Grown-Ups

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5 Spring Craft Tutorials from Purple Kiss Company.

Spring is such an amazing time for inspiration. The leaves, grass, and plants are turning such a bright and lively green while the sky has matched the perfect out of this world blue. As new colors that we haven’t seen in awhile appear in flowers and other flora, a new wave of inspiration and creativity will hit us all.

Here in Ohio, we have been able to open the windows some days this April to let the fresh air in. I love these days that come with bright sunlight through the windows and it’s usually this setting that puts me into Spring Cleaning mode.

I have compiled a  list of 5 Spring Craft Tutorials for Grown-Ups that will have you crafting and organizing with your new goodies. If you can’t find a place to put all of the new things you have acquired over the past winter season, simply make a place for your treasuries to keep safe in!

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Mod Podge Fabric JarsTutorial from Crafts By Amanda

No. 1

Mod Podge Fabric Jars from Crafts By Amanda.

I love this tutorial because I have no idea how to sew and have actually never used a sewing machine. In high school, I never took Home Ec. Since I have never experienced the machine, I am intimidated and overwhelmed when looking them. But I love fabrics, they are so amazing. You can find textures of all sorts in any color you want of fabric. It may take some searching but most likely, you will be able to find what you are looking for. And I crochet fabric everyday, so that is proof enough that I love fabric.

Because of my machine fear, I am always looking for new ways to use fabrics. I don’t mind hand sewing, although I am horrible at it. I’m sure I can be great with practice, maybe from time to time I will share a Rookie Sewing Moment here on my blog. (I am at the most absolutely beginning stages of sewing, I have a long way to go). I found this tutorial on how to make Mod Podge Fabric Jars earlier today while browsing for new ideas. I noticed that Amanda, from Crafts By Amanda, mentioned that she wasn’t into sewing as well, so I knew this how-to would be a great choice for me.

Amanda writes a great tutorial on how to create a fabric covered jar that you can use to store anything you desire. I love this idea because you can make each jar represent a part of your personality because there are so many fabric options to choose from! Most of the tools needed can easily be found in your craft area at home and you can also make a fun spring trip to the fabric store to pick the perfect shade for your spring mood.

Purple Kiss Company

Rain Chain Craft Spring Tutorial from Dollar Store Crafts

No. 2

Rain Chain Tutorial from Dollar Store Crafts.

This craft tutorial was the main inspiration for this Blog List. The other day, it was raining… Nope, it was pouring.. And I came across this awesome tutorial on Pinterest. I really want to make one of these and I know I say I want to make everything but I promise myself that I will make one of these before Summer ends. The Rain Chain Tutorial from Dollar Store Crafts is a great craft for just about anyone, as long as you have a place outside to hang it. The ideal location would be from the roof or somewhere that collects a lot of rain.

Simple materials are needed to make this beautiful craft. Most of the items include jewelry tools and wire. I think the toughest part of making this craft would be picking out the prettiest rocks. They can be found in any craft store and I’m also wondering how the colorful decorative rocks for aquariums would look also. The options are limitless with this tutorial. You can make a special chain to match your outside living style with different colored rocks or changing the finish of the chain (copper, silver, gold).

This craft may be one the boys like to help out with (8 & 10).. Possibly on one of the many rainy days coming soon. They would appreciate a rock finding mission and I think the end result would seem pretty awesome to them.

Purple Kiss Company

Custom Ombre Totes Craft Tutorial from Four Flights of Fancy.

No. 3

Ombre Heart & Striped Canvas Tote Bags from Four Flights of Fancy.

These Ombre Tote Bags are just so gorgeous! For a long time, I have had “make pretty tote-bags  on my Epic To-Do List (the major long list I keep in my head that never stops growing.. yep, it has a name). Thanks for Four Flights of Fancy, I have been inspired once again to make a few tote bags that make my personality noticed. A few more supplies are needed for this project than the previous two but all things needed can easily be found in the craft store (& grocery store for the freezer paper).

This project is totally customize-able (my favorite kind of project). You can pick any shape that you like for the pattern. Before reading this tutorial, I had no idea that freezer paper would stick to the canvas when hot ironed on. Random facts like that are great to collect when crafting.. They make the ability to combine two crafts into one a great adventure!

You could simply use glitter fabric paint to add some sparkle to this accessory! The options are absolutely endless. I love totes & I use them mostly for storing things. My favorite tote is the one I received at the Emmy’s After Party at the Disney Hall in ’08. It was filled with all types of luxury goodies, including a weekend trip to Santa Barbara- That I never used. Well, that red tote I received is the most high quality bag I have ever used and it has been a place for some of my heels for years (it’s a large size tote). Probably not the best storage option for shoes but they are plain stillettos that do not have bendable straps that can get warped by being smushed.

Tote bags have also been given to me as gifts a lot.. I love to receive them. This would be a great gift to make for the upcoming Mother’s Day.

Purple Kiss Company

Leather Bracelet Tutorial from A Pumpkin and A Princess.

No. 4

Leather Bracelet Tutorial from A Pumpkin and A Princess.

I have been so interested in jewelry tutorials lately! I go through phases, like when I mentioned before that I have a phobia of sewing machine because they intimidate me.. Well there was a year (roughly two years ag0) where I was crazed and looking at quilting and sewing patterns. Even though I didn’t have a machine and knew I couldn’t get one (our family of 5 needs a house upgrade with more space- Hopefully in December!). Now, the time is for jewelry and I can actually make jewelry so luckily reading tutorials of this sort isn’t ‘wasted’ time!

I love this Leather Bracelet Tutorial because the materials are basic, the tutorial is basic, but the end result is so fashionable and adorable. A Pumpkin & A Princess makes this process so simple and there are only a few needed materials. This tutorial also covers the Mystery Braid and shows how it is simply done in a few steps with a leather band.

This bracelet can easily be customized as well for Spring or Summer. Use pastel color flowers for a Spring Time look or use colors and rhinestones to make your statement this Summer!

Purple Kiss Company

Personalized Custom Cork Coasters Tutorial from Martha Stewart.

No. 5

Customized Cork Coasters from Martha Stewart.

I love this next idea from Martha Stewart, I always love the ideas on her show & site! The Customized Cork Coasters can be personalized with any color, shape, or pattern you want & you can also put your own initial on them as well, like the beautiful picture shown above from the Martha Stewart site. I would love to see this cork color underneath neon paints, in pink & yellow designs.

If you would like to make your Mom a great gift for Mother’s Day, these coasters are a great option! A few months ago, my mom bought my yarn, just so I could make her a set of 4 coasters out of them. She loves them and my grandmother loved them too, so she received a set as well. Coasters are always useful and is a thoughtful gift for those who fear water rings on their tables.

Purple Kiss Company

I hope you enjoyed my latest list for 5 Spring Craft Tutorials for Grown-Ups. Stay tuned for another Spring Craft List just for kids! Don’t want to miss out on more Sharing Tutorials posts? Subscribe for our Blog Newsletter to receive our updates via email!

I hope Spring brings inspiration to all of you! Happy crafting! ♥

Shawna from Purple Kiss Company. ♥

  • Amanda Formaro

    Thanks so much for featuring my mod podge jars!

    • http://PurpleKiss.Co/ PurpleKissCo

      You are very welcome Amanda! I think my readers will love them! & Thank You so much for making this tutorial.. It’s amazing! ♥ Shawna :)


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