5 Crochet Articles for Customization

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5 Crochet Articles for Customization


I love finding crochet articles. Not just patterns, but things written and figured out about crochet. I searched the internet for some awesome blog posts that discuss in depth how to personalize your crochet projects. A couple posts involve a lot of math, problems that I never had the patience to figure out.

Please look through and read these articles. If you learn one thing by the time you are finished- it was worth it! Make sure you comment to these awesome crocheters and say Thank You for not only working hard but for sharing their secrets with us as well.


Learn How to Design Your Own Hat from Cre8tion CrochetPhoto Credit: Cre8tion Crochet



How to Customize Your Own Hat

From Cre8tion Crochet

The first article I would like to share is from Cre8tion Crochet, where Lorene explains how to turn your favorite stitches into hat patterns and customize your own hat! The first thing I did after reading this post was print out the given measurements for hats. It’s a simple list and extremely accurate. (I print reference cards on 4 x 6 photo paper and stash them in the sides of my binders or in page protectors- taking them out as I need them).

Lorene discusses how to measure, customize, and complete a beanie hat with instructions on how to perfectly finish off your new personalized beanie hat! The very best thing about this crochet article is that flat circle measurements for hats are discussed, and more importantly how to figure out this measurement to fully customize. Math is not my thing. I’m currently a college student majoring in Small Business Management. I am an A & B student and I usually make the Dean’s List. Except when I take Math classes. I am too embarrassed to say what my Math Exam grades were a year ago…

So for people like me, there is also ANOTHER list available for you, it is available as a guide with sizes and measurements for flat round circles that will be used to start your crochet beanies. If you want more information on the flat circles topic, please step over to Cr8tion Crochet and read more in depth about what they are and how to measure and calculate for them.


How to Insert Zippers and Lining to Crochet Purses. Tutorial by Carrie Wolf.Photo Credit: Carrie Wolf


How to Insert Zipper & Lining to Crochet Purse ♥

From Carrie Wolf

I am so happy I found Carrie Wolf’s blog. She is an amazing artist and designer, who always posts fabulous jewelry, sewing, & crochet tutorials! I had to share one of her tutorials on this list. Not only is it one tutorial, it is two! You can learn how to Insert a Zipper and Lining to a Crochet Purse from from her great post. Carrie makes the process look so easy and fun! I can’t wait to try her techniques for a bag.

Read through Carrie Wolf’s article on How to Insert a Zipper and Lining to a Crochet Purse from her blog. This article is perfect to learn new customization techniques because it gives you more options to play with materials and colors. You can make a crochet purse with a plaid lining, or with a simple and chic black or grey. You can also choose to highlight the zipper with a bright color or blend it into your crochet fabric as pictured in Carrie’s crochet purse above.

You can also find the pattern for the Nylon Crochet Purse on her blog! I love this purse, so I have added the pattern to my Must Get Soon list! I recommend buying this pattern if you want to follow the tutorial. It will probably be easiest to follow the instructions and measurements that way.  


Unlock the Secrets of Crochet Cables. Crochet Article by Lion Brand.Photo Credit: Lion Brand Yarn


Unlock the Secrets of Crochet Cables

From Heather Lodinsky (Lion Brand Yarn)

Cables are another great tool to use when designing a customized project! I have seen afghans with trees and life symbolized on them, all using cables. You can Unlock the Secrets of Crochet Cables from reading this amazing crochet article by Heather Lodinsky. This article was published by my one of my favorite yarn brands, Lion Brand Yarn. I loved reading through this article because it is in question/answer format- the same format I will be using for my upcoming eBook!

In this crochet article, you will learn how to customize your crochet projects with cables. You will be instructed on what cable instructions are, how they are formed, and how to combine the FPDC & BPDC (Front Post Double Crochet & Back Post Double Crochet). These techniques can easily be used to design a sweater, purse, blanket, and cables even look great on hats!

You can also find the pattern for the Celtic Afghan pictured above on Lion Brand’s website! It is made with Vanna’s Choice Yarn, one of my favorites because it is super soft and great to work with. This is the perfect pattern for practicing your cable crochet skills. Try taking what you have learned with this project, and design your own fancy cabled swirls! You can also follow what other topics, techniques, and articles that Lion Brand is discussing via their blog.


Freeform Two Color Spiral- Crochet Tutorial by Marina from Snovej.comPhoto Credit: Snovej

#4 Freeform Two-Color Spiral Tutorial

By Marina from Snovej.com!

I had to include a crochet article that talks about colorwork in this list. I found the perfect tutorial to share with you on Snovej.com! This is more of a crochet tutorial than article but I think it is a must read for those who want to start thinking about how to combine colors in crochet! Marina puts the Freeform Two-Color Crochet Spiral process into an easy to understand photo tutorial on Snovej. You can learn how to make a magic circle and crochet in the round while using two different colors. This is a technique that I have wanted to try for a long time and the photos used to describe these instructions are truly beautiful!

 I like this little pattern because it is a great little project for playing around with colors. After completing a few rounds of this pattern with the colors of your choice, you will be able to make up an opinion on whether the colors work well together or not. Crochet work is not very effective when colors are used that don’t look well together, so use this tutorial to help you begin putting color schemes together! Try to use two colors that contrast nicely together and use a color wheel when needed!

You can also find other cool tutorials at Snovej.com! Other than super cute crochet patterns and tutorials, you can find craft instructions, recipes, and advice on how to handle wooden home projects! Take a visit to Snovej and see what you can find! 


Crochet Bag Pattern and Broomstick Lace Crochet Tutorial from About Goodness.Photo Credit: About Goodness


Crochet Bag Pattern & Broomstick Lace Tutorial

From About Goodness

I am so in love with the bag pictured above and I cannot believe I hadn’t found the About Goodness blog before researching articles for this blog post! The article I found from this blog includes a Crochet Bag Pattern & Broomstick Lace Tutorial. It was a perfect choice for this list because this article really shows you what crochet is capable of! You will learn how to make a broomstick lace crochet fabric and also how to combine stitches to make one of a kind pieces of work and art.

This gorgeous bag was crocheted in cotton and I love all of the combined colors that are featured in the pattern!  This article is a great place to find inspiration on combining different stitches! It’s also a great example of what can happen when you are feeling daring- a beautiful piece could be crafted! My favorite part of this article is the broomstick lace tutorial. It is so great to view with the beautiful colors of cotton shown. I am so thankful for the wonderful tutorial, and I hope you stop by About Goodness and say Thank You for sharing!

Other things you can find at About Goodness include home decor ideas, crochet patterns, vintage and chic inspiration, and so much more! I love how this site is categorized into For Him, For Her, For Baby, & For Home! It makes searching for ideas very simple.


I hope you enjoyed this list of 5 Crochet Articles for Customization! Now that I have this post all written, I must say that I spent a lot of time(about 3 weeks to ensure the best articles were included) and effort on this post. I wanted to make sure I shared a variety of crochet articles with you, each with their own topic that you can tie into your crochet designs. Whether you learn more about colorwork, how to calculate custom designs, or add cables to your work- I hope you gained some inspiration and knowledge from the articles provided!

Shawna from Purple Kiss Company. ♥

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    Thank you for sharing my designing a custom hat tutorial. I’m glad you found it so helpful!!!

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      You are welcome Lorene! It was difficult to find articles as in depth as yours but I am happy this post came together nicely! ♥♥


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